Privacy Policy

As an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of AG3 Transportation, this document, called Privacy Policy, aims to establish the rules on obtaining, using and storing data and information collected from USERS, in addition to recording their activities.

1 – Obtaining data and information:

1.1. Data and information will be obtained when USERS interact with the various features on the AG3 Transportation website, providing information voluntarily, such as when purchasing an online reservation or sending a contact email, for example.

2 – Storage of Data and Information:

2.1. All data and information collected from USERS will be incorporated into the AG3 Transportation database.

2.2. The data and information collected will be stored in a secure environment, observing the state of the art available, and can only be accessed by qualified persons authorized by AG3 Transportation.

2.3. AG3 Transportation may use cloud computing to store USER data, especially to allow processing in other countries.

2.4. Considering that no security system is absolutely secure, AG3 Transportation disclaims any responsibility for any damages and/or losses arising from failures, viruses or invasions of the platform’s database, except in cases of fraud or negligence of this company.

3 – Use of Data and Information:

3.1. The data and information collected may be used for the following purposes:

  1. Respond to any questions and requests from USERS;
  2. Compliance with a legal or court order;
  3. Establish, defend or regularly exercise rights in the judicial or administrative spheres;
  4. Enrich its database with USER data for the purpose of customizing services, better service and development of new functionalities on the AG3 Transportation website;
  5. Ensuring the security of USERS;
  6. Keep USER records updated for contact by telephone, e-mail, SMS, direct mail or other means of communication;
  7. Inform USERS about news on the site, according to their preferences for receiving them.


3.2. The acquired data can only be accessed by professionals duly authorized by AG3 Transportation, respecting the need to which they will be submitted, the relevance for their objectives and the interests of USERS, in addition to preserving their privacy.

3.3. If the USER is no longer going to use the services offered by AG3 Transportation, requesting the cancellation of his Access Account, he may request the deletion of his stored data. However, since AG3 Transportation may remain with the registration of activity data on the platform and other USER information for a maximum period of 5 (five) years for auditing purposes and preservation of rights, with the option of permanently deleting them according to your convenience in lesser period.

3.3.1. The request for deletion of data made by the USER will be complied with after expiry of the period indicated in the clause.

3.3. During this time, even if stored for auditing purposes and preservation of evidence, they will no longer undergo the hypotheses of treatment described in clause 3.1.

3.4. USERS may demand from AG3 Transportation the data that are registered concerning them, in the same way that they may request their alteration or deletion. To do so, they must contact the means available on the website to request the measures described in clause 3.3 and in this clause if the website does not offer the corresponding functionalities.

4 – From the Activity Record:

4.1. AG3 Transportation will record all access made by USERS to the website’s internet application, through logs, including:

1. USERS IP address;
2. Actions performed by USERS on the website;
3. Pages accessed by USERS on the website;
4. Dates and times of each action and access to each page of the site;
5. Information about the device used, operating system version, browser, among other installed applications;
6. USERS Session ID.

4.2. The records mentioned in item 4.1 may be used by AG3 Transportation in cases of investigation of fraud or undue changes in its systems and records.
4.3. AG3 Transportation applies security controls in relation to the access logs to the website application it stores, for example, but not limited to the following:

  1. Restricted control of access to such data to a limited number of employees, whose permissions will be limited to the need for the functions they perform at AG3 Transportation;
  2. Authentication for accessing such data, such as the need for additional authentication by the manager or immediate superior of the AG3 Transportation employee who intends to access the data;
  3. Record of who accessed a particular application access record, when and for how long;
  4. Use of encryption, password and obfuscation of data at rest and encryption of data in transit.


4.4. Application access records on the AG3 Transportation website will be kept in an interoperable and structured format in order to facilitate the understanding of those who have access through court order or legal determination, under the terms of the law.

5 – Cookies and other data collection technologies:

5.1. The AG3 Transportation website may use cookies, and USERS must configure their Internet browser if they wish to block them. In this case, some features of the platform may be limited.

5.2. The AG3 Transportation website also uses cookies to store data on the browsing behavior of its USERS.

5.3. Other technologies may be used to obtain USER navigation data, however, they will always respect the terms of this policy and their options regarding their collection and storage.

6 – General Provisions:

6.1. The provisions contained in this Privacy Policy may be updated or modified at any time, and USERS are responsible for checking them whenever they access the AG3 Transportation website.

6.2. USERS should contact us in case of any doubt regarding the provisions contained in this Privacy Policy through the “Contact” section of the website.

7 – Glossary:

7.1. For the purposes of this document, the following definitions and descriptions should be considered for your better understanding:

  1. CloudComputing: Or cloud computing, is service virtualization technology built from the interconnection of more than one server through a common information network (eg the Internet), with the aim of increasing the availability of sustained services .
  2. Cookies: Files sent by the server of the AG3 Transportation website to the USERS’ computer, with the purpose of identifying the device used and obtaining access data, such as pages navigated or links clicked, allowing, in this way, to customize navigation accordingly. with your profile.
  3. IP: Abbreviation for Internet Protocol. It is a set of numbers that identifies the Internet access connection used by USERS to access the AG3 Transportation website.
  4. Logs or application access records: Records of USER activities carried out on the AG3 Transportation website.
  5. Website: Name for the website.
  6. User: Anyone who accesses the AG3 Transportation website or who has an access account.